TV star sighting made at Aggie Days

The Calgary Stampede sponsored Aggie Days at the beginning of the month. We took the C-train down to the Stampede grounds. A ride which thrilled the wee people to no end. We met J's folks to take in the event. The kids experienced a Stampede-style pancake breakfast, watched farriers compete to shoe horses, saw some animals up close and sat on small tractors. Lil bug delighted in watching the 4-H rabbits hop through an obstacle course. Monkey boy was out of sorts so he mostly moped and meandered through the event. In hindsight, it was not the best family event for us. It was unbelievable crowded. Our viewing of the animals came at the cost of pushing our way through throngs of people and their strollers.

We finally ended our visit in the Rural Routes and Acreage Lifestyle exhibition. This section of the event featured exhibitors selling farm equipment, decor and goods as well as highlighted tourist regions surrounding Calgary. The kids found themselves running from tractor to tractor to try them out. Grandma had a blast taking pictures of them.

The highlight for J and I was getting a glimpse of our favourite TV star...Terry Grant. Yep, you read that correctly, the one and only Terry Grant who is the star of Mantracker was at the High River exhibit. Very cool. J took a picture but neither of us felt like showing our crazed fan behaviour so we bypassed the line to receive a signed autograph. Hmmm, perhaps I will regret that move. At least we have pictorial evidence.