We are here!

Packing is done, boxes have been shipped and our personal belongings have been organized and stored in our house.  The 4 hour flight with the wee people went fantastic.  I received multiple compliments from the airline crew about how well the kids managed the flight.  The shocker was that they attributed their good behavior partially due to my being so relaxed and calm.   Wow, this must be one of the first times I've ever heard I was relaxed and calm.  Normally I need to be fussing about something, organizing something else or hovering over people.  Hmm, maybe heading west for a sabbatical from regular life is going to be a very, very good thing.

I'm slowly starting to settle in.  It feels like we are on a holiday but not a holiday.  I think I just need to resign myself to being a suitcase dweller for another 10 days, consider it a holiday and then worry about settling into Calgary living and our rental place.  

My folks have been spoiling us with a stocked fridge, home cooked meals, and absolutely nothing to clean or fix.  They have also provided some valuable entertainment for the wee people.  This means J and I have had some time to converse without interruption (very useful since we have decided to buy a new vehicle after selling our other two before we moved...which is proving to be very time consuming and taxing mentally and emotionally).

Currently we are spending a day and a bit at J's folks.  They live on a farm in Southern Alberta.  I love visiting this place!  It truly is a different pace of life.  J's folks love spending time with the kids and just don't fuss in the same way my mom, dad and I do (a good and necessary change once and awhile).  Food is put on the table, people occasionally drop in, sometimes you need to run into town for supplies or to visit but these errands become an event.  For instance, Grandpa took monkey boy into town (15 min drive) to drop garbage off at the dump, see Gr. Grandma for coffee at the DQ (don't ask long story, small town), buy some groceries and get a new life jacket for monkey boy.  Grandma is outside entertaining our lil bug and I am sitting here, typing, listening to the wind and breathing, just breathing.   

Next adventure, cottage resort time at Shuswap Lake in British Columbia.  Long drive but family time for us, my folks, and my sister and her family.  I'm so excited! 

I should be ...

I'm procastinating. Big surprise. In just over 10 days, we are temporarily displacing ourselves. We are taking a few possessions (okay, more boxes of stuff than my idealistic "live simple" self should take for a 10 month sojourn), renting a furnished condo, and hauling ourselves and our two wee people away from the nation's capital. We are journeying back to our home province, to where the prairies meet the mountains. My partner, J, will have a chance to spend his sabbatical year immersed in writing and we will both have a chance to enjoy our children with our families.

It should be a great "adventure" away from regular life. We have an opportunity to explore our home province as tourists. We have grandparents to help with the kids (babysitters = couple as well as me time). It will be great. I should be packing!!