The television and I have a bit of a love affair. I truly bask in the brain-numbing glow that emits from the boob tube. I often find my thumb rapidly pulsing on the remote as I desperately seek out enertainment. I know that my mental and physical well-being would be better served if I sought out exercise, activity, hobbies or reading. Yet I'm drawn to the pleasure that courses through my body when I switch on the television and switch off my tendency to control and be ultra responsible mom and housekeeper.

Ironically, I still only have access to peasant vision. My dh and I have consciously chosen to use rabbit ears. I righteously proclaim to telemarketers that we do not subscribe to their competitors cable package nor do we intend to acquire satellite access to x number of channels. One would think that this take on television would translate into a conscious desire to eliminate television from our lives. No siree bob, that is not the case in my world. My evenings, especially during the winter months, are consumed by televsion viewing. I am a sucker for new programs, reality shows, documentaries, etc, etc.

I generally do not have a discriminating tastes when it comes to my program choices though I do have my favourites. Some current favourites are Lost and House . I also enjoy watching Mantracker, Survivorman, Amazing Race, Kenny and Spenny and America's Next Top Model with J. I often tune into Mentalist, Hell's Kitchen, Medium, The Office, Castle, CSI and Law and Order (though the formula used by these last two series is starting to render the programs boring). I'm sure I would enjoy delving into Heroes again but our rabbit years have caused such fuzzy reception at the beginning of this season that I am so lost regarding the characters and plot. To my credit (I hope) I am not a talk show or soap opera lover. Occassionally I have gone through periods of tuning into Coronation Street but honestly that is the extent of my foray into that genre.

Unfortunately, not all of my favourites are available on peasant vision. So how do I hear about these different programs? Either dear friends point me in the direction, lend me their copies or J comes across a review in his never-ending internet surfing. When I discover a series that is intriguing, I become a slave to the series. I patrol Rogers and Blockbuster Video weekly or biweekly in my insane desire to get my hands on the next episodes. A couple of favourites over the years have been Six Feet Deep, Carnivale, Deadwood and Big Love.

My ultimate favourite tv series has to be Battlestar Galactica. After reading a girlfriend of mine's blog, Virtually There, and her entry regarding watching the final episode of Battlestar Galactica, I again find myself wanting to rush to every nearby video store to get my hands on season 4.5. I finally finished season 4.0 but had to wait an infinitely long time for season 4.5 to become available. So far the blasted store near me hasn't had a copy on the shelf. Until I can get the dvd into my clutches, I will have to continue satisfying my insatiable entertainment needs with our peasant vision selection. As well as take quizzes like the one below:

Which Battlestar Galactica Character Are You?

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Anonymous said...

I had mixed feelings about the finale. I did like that it was "all wrapped up" but didn't care for some aspects of it. Still, an awesome show!

Allison in Ottawa

April 3, 2009 at 11:16 AM  

Hey Pam, loved your television thoughts. It is a guilty pleasure for Audrey and I too, but we have mostly foresworn surfing for 'appointment tv', notably House, Lost and Galactica.

April 7, 2009 at 8:28 PM