What's Up?!

I've been laying low lately. I have lots of reasonable excuses for not posting, check them out:
*managed to have a two week cold at the end of September; my throat was so bloody sore and the hacking cough was annoying (to say the least)
*my uncle passed away; cancer...nasty disease; went home to Alberta for the funeral; sad days (though always nice to be with family...missing my sis and her kids big time)
*thanksgiving feast done solo (missed having my mom or mom-in-law to "help" prepare the meal)

*work was crazy busy, learning a new job and yet not feeling it is yours because other people are currently doing the work is truly overrated (but it is improving as the contract person has left now)
*working 5 days a week versus 4 is a huge adjustment especially combined with a lengthier compute when picking up the kids without a bike cuz the weather is too chilly
*annual trip to Mackenzie King Estate in Gatineau for fall colours

*annual pumpkin patch outing to Miller's Farm & Market (included a fresh batch of apple cider)

*a walk around a bog at Mer Bleue

*spending an evening with friends...a certain delightful layer of chaos (courtesy of four children all 5 and under) mixed with good food and conversation
*Halloween (definitely a favourite holiday for me...especially jack o'lantern carving; we carved 5 this year)

*my lil bug's birthday (see future post for more details)