4 year old sayings

Someone reminded me that I should write down some of the cool things my lil bug says before I forget. In the last two weeks, my girlie has said the following:

Lil bug: Momma, I'm falling in love with you right now.
Me: How come?
Lil bug: I don't know, I just am

Lil bug: Why do we have weather? (asked at 7:30am while looking at the rainy day)
Me: (brief explanation about how this is earth and that we have temperature and pressure changes, yadda, yadda)
Lil bug: I know how it rains. The clouds puff together, they puff and puff and puff, then they get dark and it rains.

Lil bug: Let's horsey wrestle
Me: What is horse wrestling?
Lil bug: We are horses that wrestle.
Me: Okay
Lil bug: I'll be pink pony and you be red bird. I'm going to get you.

Plus a few other things, but guess what I forgot already. These special years are going by too fast.