Four days in Dublin meant
hanging in pubs
poking through shops
absorbing the charm of old buildings and bleak weather
being with dear friends

I have more words and commentary but I still feel unable to concisely capture my thoughts and experience. I cannot decide if I want to review my trip chronologically or in moments. Or if I want to reveal how it has opened my eyes regarding my likes and dislikes.

All I know is that it was a good trip. It was a necessary break from being a parent and partner. It made me a little more aware of myself. It enabled me to understand who I am as a traveler and what I like to do on a holiday. It reminded me that my friends accept me for who I am and I need not worry about being perfect. It also reinforced how important my friends are in my life. I need them and should always remember to have fun with them. The four friends I spent time with are charismatic, thoughtful, funny and frickin' gorgeous.