Overall impressions

We have returned from our week long trip to St. Ives Resort on the Shuswap. As I am tired and completely unable to spell let alone form a coherent thought, I am only leaving these point form notes as a teaser (and reminder for me).

  • the Rocky Mountains are amazing, magnificent and slightly different than I remembered
  • rivers and lakes in the mountains are clear and often "emerald" in colour
  • the trees are different in BC and AB (how quickly I have forgotten the western feel of fall time)
  • driving a full day for a holiday is over-rated
  • hide n seek has proven hazardous for me
  • grumpiness overtakes me when I feel out-of-control, tired, hungry or restless (combining any two or more of these elements spells disaster and a situation I need to work on -- a necessary project to remedy soon esp. before a trip with girlfriends in Jan 09)
  • B.C. beaches are rocky and the water is COLD but a quick swim is sooo refreshing
  • creating family memories and watching your children experience something new is priceless